Big Letter Shirt

Large L

Look, Larry.  We all love having you around. But you’re scaring the children. I don’t know what possessed you to get a Luchador mask, but… oh, I see. Large Luchador Larry.  That’s your stage name? Seems a little... descriptive, doesn’t it? Yes, I realize that’s the point of a name, but shouldn’t it be a little more… mysterious? Like people have to come see you to find out why you’re called that? Yeah, I know you don’t like mystery, or surprises. But other people do, Larry.  Other people are normal. Triple L? Yeah, that’s a little better. Go with that.

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We're looking for more pictures to help show off Big Letter Shirt and we're practically paying you to do it! Send us your pictures, and if we can use them, we'll send you a $10 coupon code to use on a future purchase! We're looking for pictures for our product pages, and our Sizing Chart, so don't be afraid to send them in!

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