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We saw a great story recently about the Guthrie family and their adventures at Disney World wearing Big Letter Shirts! From Ben's post on Google+:


At Disney World, we wore our Big Letter Shirts by +Luke Wallace. Mr. F got separated from us, and like the smart kid that he is, went back to the last place where we were together. We were probably apart for 15 seconds before I realized it. 

As I hustled back to this spot, people started shouting at me "We found your kid!"

I didn't immediately realize how people knew it was my kid. I just appreciated the "miracle". Then it hit me. It was the big letter shirt. Not the color or the letter, but the basic design. 

We were apart for about a minute, and the crowd at Disney World helped reunite us quickly with almost no stress. 

Design solves problems. Thanks [Big Letter Shirt].

Another great idea, and Ben tells us that the Big Letter Shirts are now their standard family outing attire! We love the fact they picked a variety of colors for their shirts, it makes everything extra fun. For sending in his picture, along with the story, we're sending Ben a discount code for a future order, and we know he'll need it as his kids continue growing.



Written by Luke Wallace — November 15, 2014

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