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How do you make a custom "Weird Al" fan shirt?

We've always thought our Big Letter Shirts were a great way to stand out in a crowd, so we tested that theory at a "Weird Al" Yankovic concert when he came to Dallas. Our President, Luke, was going to the concert with his wife, but really wanted to make a statement, and show his support for the long time humorist and song writer.

Tie dyed weird al shirts

He made up two custom Big Letter Shirts using some special tie-dye shirts, and spelled out the first name of the performer, easy to do with just one other person! Together, Luke and his wife were easy to spot from the stage, and throughout the concert venue.

Have an idea for a custom shirt? Contact us at, and we'll help you out!

Waiting for Weird Al with a custom fan shirt

Disney World family shirts save the day

We saw a great story recently about the Guthrie family and their adventures at Disney World wearing Big Letter Shirts! From Ben's post on Google+:


At Disney World, we wore our Big Letter Shirts by +Luke Wallace. Mr. F got separated from us, and like the smart kid that he is, went back to the last place where we were together. We were probably apart for 15 seconds before I realized it. 

As I hustled back to this spot, people started shouting at me "We found your kid!"

I didn't immediately realize how people knew it was my kid. I just appreciated the "miracle". Then it hit me. It was the big letter shirt. Not the color or the letter, but the basic design. 

We were apart for about a minute, and the crowd at Disney World helped reunite us quickly with almost no stress. 

Design solves problems. Thanks [Big Letter Shirt].

Another great idea, and Ben tells us that the Big Letter Shirts are now their standard family outing attire! We love the fact they picked a variety of colors for their shirts, it makes everything extra fun. For sending in his picture, along with the story, we're sending Ben a discount code for a future order, and we know he'll need it as his kids continue growing.



Would You Do Me the Honor of Wearing a Big Letter Shirt?

The best part about Big Letter Shirt is that the idea is simple, but the applications are unlimited. We're always excited when we meet someone new, and they come up with a way to use t-shirts with big letters on them. One such idea came through a recent order.

The Heart Bandits create proposal experiences that are usually only seen in movies. Need to involve dozens of people, or cover the entire city to include all your favorite courtship places? No problem for them. But when they needed an easy way to spell out a special message, they came to us for help. In just a few minutes, they had put in their order, and about a week later they received their shirts. We could tell from the letters that it was going to be fun, but we had no idea what was in store.

It all made sense after we received these pictures from The Heart Bandits:


It's great to know we were able to be a part of such a unique experience, and we wish them all the best.


Whether you're trying to support your team, or ask a big question, Big Letter Shirt can help you make a statement.


Photos generously provided by Garrett Davis Photography

Welcome to Big Letter Shirt!

We're very excited to finally be launching Big Letter Shirt to the public. It's an idea that's been several years in the making, but now it's time to set the idea free. 

So what is Big Letter Shirt? In short, it's a way to stand out in a crowd, send a message to the world, or build a brand in a completely unique way. Everyone we tell about Big Letter Shirt seems to come up with a new idea, so what will yours be?

  • Spell out the name of your favorite team at the game
  • Show your favorite concert star that you and your friends are her biggest fans
  • Draw attention to your car wash with a sign bigger than any poster board
  • Brand your company's team photo in a totally unique way

And what do you do when the game is over? Forget washing off body paint or being delicate with homemade shirts, you've got a durable, high quality, professionally printed t-shirt that can be reused again and again! 

Not only do you make a statement to the people you're around, but you'll be noticed by press and TV crews wherever you go! When the star player scores and they need a shot of the crowd, who better to show than the group spelling out his name? Everyone will want a picture of the fans that got a shout out from the super star that could easily spot them from a hundred yards away!

As you can probably tell, we're very excited about the future and everything that will happen with Big Letter Shirt. We're happy to be launching our shirts for only $20 each, with FREE shipping on every order, no minimums required! And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Google+ to stay connected and learn about any special promotions. If you have feedback or questions, don't hesitate to contact us at, we'd love to hear from you!

Selfies Wanted!

We're looking for more pictures to help show off Big Letter Shirt and we're practically paying you to do it! Send us your pictures, and if we can use them, we'll send you a $10 coupon code to use on a future purchase! We're looking for pictures for our product pages, and our Sizing Chart, so don't be afraid to send them in!

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